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The US Supreme Court has temporarily blocked a New York federal court ruling that overturned a state law that allows the Haitian Jewish village of Kiryas Joel to maintain its own public school district for children with disabilities. Governor Andrew Cuomo threatened on Wednesday to withdraw state funding from local governments and schools that fail to enforce or comply with new restrictions in the state where cases of coronavirus have increased. Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus said Thursday that he had asked Governor Andrew Cuomo to "declare Kirsten Joel a containment zone," as the New Rochelle governor did.

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Labour force participation is represented by the estimated percentage of employed or active job seekers, as shown in the table in Figure 48. Kiryas Joel shows that the unemployment rate in Kiryas Joel is 2.6%, which is below the national average of 4.2% and even below the 4% of New York City. The city with the highest unemployment rate in the area is Woodbury, with a rate of 4-1% (Figure 47). KirYasJoel shows that the labor force participation rate in New Jersey was 3.5%, higher than any other city in our region and the third highest in the country.

Kiryas Joel is about 12.9% smaller in median income per worker, compared to the US average of $47,712, but it is about the same in terms of average hourly earnings, compared to the United Nations average ($23.71).

Kiryas Joel is about 12.5% smaller in terms of the number of people working and living in the same city, compared to the US average of 42%, but it is also about half the size of New York City in terms of size. KiryasJoel and Joel are about the same size as the US average and the people who work and live in the same cities. (nan)

The median household income in Kiryas Joel is significantly higher than the US average of $60,293, but it is also significantly higher than that of New York State, which it measures as median income per worker (nan). KirysJoel and Joel are about half the size and number of people working in the same city, compared to the US average and as a percentage of the total population. The median household income is about twice as large, with a median income of just over $50,000 per year, compared to a state like New York.

Kiryas Joel is shown with an average household income of just over $50,000 a year, about twice the US average. The Walton Park CDP, as represented by the New York Department of Housing and Urban Development (NYCHA), is about half the size and number of people in KirysJoel and Joel, and about three times the size of the city as a whole.

Kiryas Joel is described as having the highest percentage of people earning less than the poverty line (10,773), which is the number one spot among all places in the metro area. KiryasJoel and Joel are portrayed as having a median income of just over $50,000 a year, more than double the US average, and the second highest of all cities in New York City. The percentage of families without work represented in KirysJoel's Joel shows that it has the third lowest number of single-earner households (70.7%) in work, behind the Bronx and New Jersey (71.4%). KirYas and Joan have the fourth largest number of families without one person in employment (72.5%) and the second lowest percentage with two or more people.